Tea Party: We’re Reagan’s ‘new patriots’

As I watched the tea-party protests and crowded town halls, I couldn’t help but think of President Reagan. For millions of us, the dismal Carter era sparked a similar political awakening, and Ronald Reagan was the key. He wasn’t the source of our new vision, but he knew the source and pointed the way. He understood the trials ahead, and regularly explained them to us. Back then, most young Americans – like so many today – didn’t understand what had happened to our country. We didn’t fully realize the nature of “liberalism” (especially those of us who were Democrats) until Reagan stepped into the political arena and boldly proclaimed American liberty. Like today, it was a time of economic struggle, and socialism was on the march. In the painful aftermath of Vietnam and Watergate, made more painful by a cynical media, self-doubt among traditional Americans was palpable even as we headed toward the 1980 election. But Reagan remained optimistic – and he was a fierce campaigner. He rebuked liberals who blamed America for everything (some … Continue Reading

The essential Mr. Bush, 2004

Something ominous has occurred over the last few decades, and we are paying a terrible price for allowing it to happen. The courts have become the primary agency of self-definition in America. Our gridlocked legislators are now close to irrelevant. Of course, the media still have tremendous power, but they can only “propose.” It is the courts that “dispose” – they decide. And their misguided moral decisions over the years have proven to be disastrous. So much so that it can be said the legal system is now the greatest threat to America’s future. However, if you were a casual observer of the political scene, you’d never know it, thanks to our clueless media elite. And they’re not the only ones at fault. The American elite in general has betrayed this country. Its members have left the public in a condition of almost total ignorance of our catastrophic situation. Their primary historic responsibility has always been to warn of danger and guard the essential ethics of our civilization. They have done neither. Most Americans are … Continue Reading

Independence Day: Celebrate Reagan’s ‘Shining City’

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” –Leviticus 25:10 Note: This verse is inscribed on the Liberty Bell, which was rung in Philadelphia to call citizens to Independence Hall to hear a public reading of the new Declaration of Independence. July 4th is the day to shine our car headlights for Ronald Reagan’s beloved “Shining City,” this country we call America. I was gratified to see the public response to this idea reported in WorldNetDaily in the days after Ronald Reagan’s passing. Thanks also to “Fox & Friends,” Sean Hannity, Barry Farber, Joseph Farah and many others who got the word out on the air, headlights were shining across America as we headed for Independence Day. This is the day it has all been for. By shining our headlights on July 4th we honor what President Reagan honored, the true meaning of American liberty – and that it’s precious and fragile. In his Farewell Address to the American people, Ronald Reagan warned of the “eradication of the American memory,” which he … Continue Reading