Remain America: The cold civil war of my Democratic Party

The saddest and most frustrating part of this election is not the “quality of the candidates.” It’s that voters hardly know – thanks to our clueless and subversive media culture – that in November we are doing no less than choosing a country, not only for our children and grandchildren but possibly for all future generations. Hard to believe, I know. But if we lose freedom here in America, who will rescue us from the grip of socialism as we did other nations in the last century? Voters – especially women voters – are now being heavily pressured to consider Donald Trump as an unthinkable choice for president. Yes, his “hot mic” comments from over a decade ago were unthinkable, but for many crucial reasons his candidacy is not. Ironically, the media culture – the primary voice that has corrupted American morals over many decades – is suddenly the loudest voice to condemn Trump. A culture, I should add, that was happy to pronounce Bill Clinton’s impeachment as “just about sex.” Now they’re calling on … Continue Reading

Trump vs. my Democratic Party’s fantasy politics

Now that we’ve entered the final phase of this nation-defining election, average voters are getting schooled on just how “sold out” the news media are for Hillary Clinton. But there’s a larger and more influential battle raging that we must also recognize. As my party – the Democratic Party – joins with “the fourth estate” to blunt Donald Trump’s momentum, they’ll have a major additional force on their side: almost the entire popular culture. This creates a problem not only for Trump, but also for America’s political future. When the giant voice of the pop culture sides with a policy issue or a presidential candidate, a false political reality is created in two ways. First, because the uniform views of the opinion makers create an illusion that everyone in the country agrees about something – when they don’t. And second, because those opinion makers – from actors to pop celebrities to daytime TV hosts – may not, in fact, be telling the truth about what they believe. Their views could result from peer pressure or … Continue Reading

Democrat voter strike: Change our party now

I am ashamed of my party. But it goes deeper than shame. I am afraid of what my party has become over the last two decades. And judging by the polls, I’m guessing there are millions of Democrats who feel the same unease I feel. It’s almost impossible to process the current American meltdown both at home and abroad. But it’s clear that our party’s leadership is responsible – and not just the president, I mean the whole leadership from Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi to all the power players who line up behind them. Yes, some prominent Democrats have come forward to warn us about the true danger of the “Islamic State,” terrorism’s latest mutation. They express regrets about President Obama’s Iraq withdrawal. But let’s remember this sudden public reversal follows years of get-out-the-vote “happy talk” from most of our party leaders – while they mocked Republican warnings about the danger we faced. Republicans have a right to be angry – we all have a right to be angry. It seems that very little … Continue Reading