Democrats can save our party – by voting Republican

Exclusive: Veteran radio talker Bob Just issues urgent call to moderate Dems By Bob Just  I’m glad legendary talk-show host Barry Farber didn’t live to see leftist/anarchist mobs defacing or tearing down statues of men like Washington and Lincoln. I’m glad he missed seeing feckless state and local officials passively accepting these actions, or even approving them. Farber died last month after many decades on the air influencing young minds – I listened to him as a teenager and later became a regular guest on his show. He was a true Cold Warrior when freedom’s fate was on the line, a man who reviled communism and loved America despite its flaws. And he actually remembered a time when both political parties felt the same way he did. Those days are gone – and that should matter, especially to us mainstream Democrats who are losing our party to something very dangerous. Barry always sympathized with my effort to blow the whistle. The American left was not a new topic for either of us, despite our different party … Continue Reading