Open letter from America to the Iranian people

To the courageous people of Iran who have marched and martyred themselves for the great cause of freedom and justice: I am an American citizen who remembers well what a strong and good relationship there was 40 years ago between my country and the nation of Iran. I remember how your country stood with the United States as a bulwark against the expansionist evil of atheist communism. And I remember why you did – because I remember the shah of Iran, called Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and how he stood up against that threat while also boldly leading Iran’s great civilization toward the 21st century as a trusted partner in the modern era! I remember your shah’s noble effort to maintain Iran’s faith while still raising up his people to better themselves through modernization, something well understood now by young Iranians who long for the technology and access they see in the outside world. They want the same freedom to fulfill their true potential. Modernization back in the mid 20th century was a revolution for … Continue Reading

9/11 trial: If Flight 93 had hit the Capitol

America is in great danger. With the decision to move the 9/11 trial to a New York courtroom, the Obama administration has made it clear that it does not understand the war being waged on the United States. The likelihood that politics swayed the decision only points more to the president’s deadly ignorance of the nature of this war. The 9/11 attack was not focused on the World Trade Center. It was a multi-pronged attack meant to cut America’s head off, hitting our financial strength in New York and our military strength at the Pentagon, while also hitting our political system. Flight 93 was headed to Washington with the likely target being the Capitol building, the very seat of our democracy. This was no “crime.” But for the true heroism of a few Americans (who knew an existential threat when they saw one), we may have lost our Capitol building, with all its glorious history and symbolism, not to mention the terrible loss of life. A few terrorists on an airliner could have extinguished a … Continue Reading

A short voters guide to the Iraq War

I’ve always liked the “for Dummies” publishing concept since, let’s face it, at one time or another we all need to have an issue made simple for us. It seems that the Iraq War is one of those issues – thanks in great part to the Democrats and the “old media.” Far from “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time,” George W. Bush’s decision to go into Iraq was positively brilliant. To help voters to understand the president’s bold and historic decision on the Iraq War, consider what he faced in 2002. First, remember the basics, Iraq was a nation ruled by a vicious, megalomaniacal dictator who had already used weapons of mass destruction, who had many reasons to hate America with a passion, and who also controlled one of the largest oil reserves in this oil-starved world, giving him the political leverage and the financial clout necessary to develop new WMDs. In other words, sooner or later, Saddam would make WMDs, and he was absolutely mad enough to use them … Continue Reading