Love letter to America – no apologies

Dear Americans, We are in a new kind of struggle for survival. It’s one we can win easily, although this one is more dangerous than the bloody wars of our past – because the threat is harder for us to believe. Our previous wars cost over a million American lives. This struggle only requires that we trust what we see – and vote accordingly. The staggering growth of anti-patriotism in America now includes a rejection of Independence Day. Hard to believe but true. July Fourth is one of two defining holidays that say who we are as a people. If we forget that, we lose our country. Thanks to our education system, fringe thinking is now increasingly dominant. Phrases like “re-imagine America” and “fundamental transformation” now have action points like packing the Supreme Court and ending the Electoral College – either of which could push us over the edge. The next two elections must pivot on a few simple questions: Who understands you as a people? Who honors you? Who honors your civic heritage and … Continue Reading

Guns and guts: Why effete media fear real men

Sometimes an event happens that has a meaning beyond itself. A few months ago, Sutherland Springs, Texas, experienced the worst church shooting in U.S. history. Dozens of people were killed by a 26-year-old with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Thankfully, he was stopped cold by Stephen Willeford who lived nearby – and had an AR-15 of his own. Inside all this horror stands the secure knowledge of what one “good guy with a gun” can do if he has the heart. But it touched me also to learn that this hero (he says he’s not) had been an NRA instructor who spent much of his time teaching kids the meaning and purpose of firearms – and how to handle the responsibility. First I should say, I was one of those “kids” – I had learned to shoot during my middle school years, thanks to an NRA training program at summer camp. I got good enough to compete with other boys who lived in the Tri-State area surrounding Manhattan. By my senior year at Trinity School, I … Continue Reading

Reagan to millennials: Why the left loathes the Declaration

This July 4th weekend I opened a local Sunday paper, and what did I find? A special section filled with a copy of the Constitution of the United States. The editors wanted to celebrate Independence Day but ominously also to declare the threat they feel in the era of President Donald J. Trump (no surprise with the New York Times). Although the Constitution is certainly under threat (I believe from the socialist left that controls my party), it is the Declaration of Independence we must defend at all costs, for without it, the Constitution will certainly crumble. Since July 4 is the day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution, as the New York Times must know, it is worth considering their fears in a different context, which might help them understand “Trump Democrats” like me. Sadly, the “progressives” of my party have been undermining the Declaration for most of the last century simply by dismissing it as irrelevant. This is much more than ignorance. This is at the heart of the … Continue Reading