Love letter to America – no apologies

Dear Americans, We are in a new kind of struggle for survival. It’s one we can win easily, although this one is more dangerous than the bloody wars of our past – because the threat is harder for us to believe. Our previous wars cost over a million American lives. This struggle only requires that we trust what we see – and vote accordingly. The staggering growth of anti-patriotism in America now includes a rejection of Independence Day. Hard to believe but true. July Fourth is one of two defining holidays that say who we are as a people. If we forget that, we lose our country. Thanks to our education system, fringe thinking is now increasingly dominant. Phrases like “re-imagine America” and “fundamental transformation” now have action points like packing the Supreme Court and ending the Electoral College – either of which could push us over the edge. The next two elections must pivot on a few simple questions: Who understands you as a people? Who honors you? Who honors your civic heritage and … Continue Reading

Democrats can save our party – by voting Republican

Exclusive: Veteran radio talker Bob Just issues urgent call to moderate Dems By Bob Just  I’m glad legendary talk-show host Barry Farber didn’t live to see leftist/anarchist mobs defacing or tearing down statues of men like Washington and Lincoln. I’m glad he missed seeing feckless state and local officials passively accepting these actions, or even approving them. Farber died last month after many decades on the air influencing young minds – I listened to him as a teenager and later became a regular guest on his show. He was a true Cold Warrior when freedom’s fate was on the line, a man who reviled communism and loved America despite its flaws. And he actually remembered a time when both political parties felt the same way he did. Those days are gone – and that should matter, especially to us mainstream Democrats who are losing our party to something very dangerous. Barry always sympathized with my effort to blow the whistle. The American left was not a new topic for either of us, despite our different party … Continue Reading

Wake up Democrats, our party is un-American

I have been a Democrat since my youth, as were my parents before me. So of course, I understand “party loyalty.” But as a talk show host and columnist, I’m able to spend more time following my party than most Democrats can with their busy personal lives. So when a Democrat candidate for United States Senate recently ran an ad referring to the “crazy Democrats” in our party, it didn’t surprise me. A few years ago, I was so alarmed I called for a “Democrat Voter Strike,” hoping to bring our party leadership to their senses. But now things have gotten radically worse, and I urge Democrats to vote Republican and send a clear message to our leaders. If this problem was temporary, or affecting only a few in leadership, I would still say vote Republican based on their disgraceful behavior during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. But this has been going on for a long time – something younger Democrats need to know. And no matter what we hear in the media, our party’s current … Continue Reading