Independence Day: Celebrate Reagan’s ‘Shining City’

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” –Leviticus 25:10 Note: This verse is inscribed on the Liberty Bell, which was rung in Philadelphia to call citizens to Independence Hall to hear a public reading of the new Declaration of Independence. July 4th is the day to shine our car headlights for Ronald Reagan’s beloved “Shining City,” this country we call America. I was gratified to see the public response to this idea reported in WorldNetDaily in the days after Ronald Reagan’s passing. Thanks also to “Fox & Friends,” Sean Hannity, Barry Farber, Joseph Farah and many others who got the word out on the air, headlights were shining across America as we headed for Independence Day. This is the day it has all been for. By shining our headlights on July 4th we honor what President Reagan honored, the true meaning of American liberty – and that it’s precious and fragile. In his Farewell Address to the American people, Ronald Reagan warned of the “eradication of the American memory,” which he … Continue Reading

My un-American Democratic Party

Imagine you’ve got a Muslim neighbor who is actually a radical, but hasn’t yet revealed to you his inner radical thoughts. He may seem like a nice family-oriented, hard-working, reliable guy, but then at a barbecue he tells his private view that the “worldwide Jewish movement” is the embodiment of evil, and that Israel must be destroyed. One moment you think he’s a reasonably normal guy, and a moment later you realize he lives in a very dark world. Still, there he is, smiling at you while he flips a burger and offers you another cold soda. That’s what it felt like for me recently to read a quote by the French ambassador to Britain. According to Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, the ambassador said Israel was a “[expletive] little country … why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?” With this as the sentiment of a major ambassador from a major Western country, could a global betrayal of Israel be far off? Indeed, a European Commission … Continue Reading

Forget the Democrats; pity the poor Americans

Pity the poor Democrats. They stood by their man in 1998 and sold their souls in the process. OK, maybe they got away with it, but it was embarrassing to watch. And it’s embarrassing to remember. Still, the Democrats played their cards right, and Al Gore almost won the election. He even took the popular vote. Then disaster hit. Not just Florida and the Bush victory, but the slimy pardon scandals – which left even the most rabid Clintonoids drop-jawed. A devastating one-two punch. And if you add Jesse’s “love child” to the mix, it was just plain ugly. A knockout for sure. The Dems were down for the count. George W. Bush was the ascending prince. One Washington columnist called the transition practically biblical in proportions. With blinding speed, Bush’s enemies had been made his footstool. Yes, it was a dark winter for the Democrats. People were even canceling Clinton speaking engagements. Presidential gifts went missing. “White trash in the White House” wasn’t just a partisan slogan. It started to look like sober historical … Continue Reading