Wake up Democrats, our party is un-American

A few years ago, I was so alarmed I called for a “Democrat Voter Strike,” hoping to bring our party leadership to their senses. But now things have gotten radically worse, and I urge Democrats to vote Republican and send a clear message to our leaders. If this problem was temporary, or affecting only a few in leadership, I would still say vote Republican based on their disgraceful behavior during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. But this has been going on for a long time – something younger Democrats need to know. And no matter what we hear in the media, our party’s current behavior was a problem long before Donald Trump. In 2004 I ended a column called, “My Un-American Democratic Party” with the following words about the growing power of the “crazy Democrats” who increasingly control our party. “Now here is our big problem. These Democrats don’t need to win elections the usual way. All they need to do is solidify their angry base – then entrench like an occupying army – and wait … Continue Reading