Love letter to America – no apologies

Dear Americans, We are in a new kind of struggle for survival. It’s one we can win easily, although this one is more dangerous than the bloody wars of our past – because the threat is harder for us to believe. Our previous wars cost over a million American lives. This struggle only requires that we trust what we see – and vote accordingly. The staggering growth of anti-patriotism in America now includes a rejection of Independence Day. Hard to believe but true. July Fourth is one of two defining holidays that say who we are as a people. If we forget that, we lose our country. Thanks to our education system, fringe thinking is now increasingly dominant. Phrases like “re-imagine America” and “fundamental transformation” now have action points like packing the Supreme Court and ending the Electoral College – either of which could push us over the edge. The next two elections must pivot on a few simple questions: Who understands you as a people? Who honors you? Who honors your civic heritage and … Continue Reading

Wake up Democrats, our party is un-American

I have been a Democrat since my youth, as were my parents before me. So of course, I understand “party loyalty.” But as a talk show host and columnist, I’m able to spend more time following my party than most Democrats can with their busy personal lives. So when a Democrat candidate for United States Senate recently ran an ad referring to the “crazy Democrats” in our party, it didn’t surprise me. A few years ago, I was so alarmed I called for a “Democrat Voter Strike,” hoping to bring our party leadership to their senses. But now things have gotten radically worse, and I urge Democrats to vote Republican and send a clear message to our leaders. If this problem was temporary, or affecting only a few in leadership, I would still say vote Republican based on their disgraceful behavior during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. But this has been going on for a long time – something younger Democrats need to know. And no matter what we hear in the media, our party’s current … Continue Reading